Yesterday we got sandwiches and went to Central Park. While the kids were swinging and climbing on the “jungle-gym” I walked around the park perimeter looking for who God wanted me to talk to. Gabriel was sitting on a park bench next to his bike, just watching all the kids play. He said hi to me and I asked him where he is from. He did not know a word of English so I tried in Spanish, and soon I got his story: 22 years old, from Mexico, living in an apartment with some of his brothers and sisters, his parents and the rest of his large family is back home, he’s working at a fried chicken shop and planning on taking English at CSM.

After chatting and talking about Jesus with him (in my extremely limited Spanish) I asked him if he had a Bible and he said no. I just happened to have a Spanish gospel of John on me . So I read him a few favorite verses, then handed it to him. Then we said goodbye and I went to the other side of the park to sit down and watch my son play soccer with a bunch of boys. Across the park I saw Gabriel sitting still reading the book for at least 20 minutes. I need to start bringing my camera with me! I wish I got a picture. Then he left the park on his bike. What encouragement to see him reading the gospel. You never know; he may end up being a witness to his large family.


8 thoughts on “Gabriel

  1. I need to be more proactive in sharing the gospel… 🙂
    micey, me too. I’m actually pretty timid.

    It helps to learn about biblical evangelism….to fill your mind and heart with the gospel, and it seems the more you do it, the easier it becomes. Another thing I’ve found is that prayer is so important. Ask Him for opportunities, and for guidance, for words. Ask Him to lead you to the one He wants you to share with. I believe every witnessing encounter is a ‘divine appointment’. : )

  2. Hey Loretta!

    I have come so far as sharing with folks what my scripture tattoos mean, but then I usually stop there, although most of the times it’s happened I was at work and we were in the middle of surgery and conversation isn’t high on the priority list, if you know what I mean? What I like about the scripture tattoos is I know God’s word doesn’t return void, it definitely lets people I work with know what I believe and it leads to meaningful gospel sharing at some point with those who are really seeking. It’s why it’s very important to me to let people I’m getting to know, know I love Jesus Christ. 🙂 This conversation has given me an idea though. When folks ask me what the numbers on my neck mean, I could follow up with, “do you know the Gospel?””Have you ever heard it?” and if they say yes, “What do you think of it?”

    Thanks Loretta!

  3. hi micey, wow are you a surgeon or surgical nurse? Sometimes I’ll ask people (non-Christians) what their tattoo symbol/words mean, and they’ll tell me, and many times that can be used to turn the conversation to the gospel. Symbols have meaning, usually something religious, spiritual or philosophical, so the tattoos of unbelievers end up being a conversation starter….for sure!

  4. I’m a surgical nurse… I worked with an awesome orthopedic oncologist, a bone surgeon who specializes in cancer, who is totally on fire for the Lord and since the surgeon is in charge of the room, he gets to lead the conversation… he was ALWAYS talking about the Lord and sharing the gospel… 😀 fantastic! The room was literally his captive audience! God is so good!

  5. micey, wow that is so great- witnessing in the surgery to all the staff! How exciting. I love hearing stories of people witnessing at work…..awesome.

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