Evangelicals and Everyone Together

In light of the recent “Evangelical Manifesto“, which was approved by Deepak Chopra, this humorous list by John Piper is a welcome diversion from all the insanity currently taking place in the Modern Evangelical church. Here’s a few I really like:

3. They believe that truth really matters.
6. They have backbone and are not prone to compromise principle.
7. They put obedience to Jesus above the approval of man.

Can you guess what #20 is?

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Here are a couple interesting quotes from the Evangelical Manifesto:

“We call on all citizens of goodwill and believers of all faiths and none to join us in working for a civil public square and the restoration of a tough-minded civility that is in the interests of all. ”

“As the global public square emerges, we warn of two equal and opposite errors: coercive secularism and religious extremism. We also repudiate the two other positions. First, those who believe their way is the only way and the way for everyone, and are therefore prepared to coerce them. This position leads inevitably to conflict. ”

“…we are also troubled by the fact that the advance of globalization and the emergence of a global public square finds no matching vision of how we are to live freely, justly, and peacefully with our deepest differences on the global stage.”

“We urge adherents of other faiths around the world to understand that we respect your right to believe what you believe according to the dictates of conscience, and invite you to follow the golden rule and extend the same rights and respect to us and to the adherents of all other faiths, so that together we may make religious liberty practical and religious persecution rarer, so that in turn human diversity may complement rather than contradict human well-being. ”

“…we reach out to people of all other faiths with love, hope, and humility. With God’s help, we stand ready with you to face the challenges of our time and to work together for a greater human flourishing.”

What does all this sound like to you?

My analysis is in the comment section, and here is an article by Berit Kjos:

Article: An Evangelical Manifesto for an Interfaith World.

10 thoughts on “Evangelicals and Everyone Together

  1. I always liked John Piper. I used to live in the Minneapolis area, but never read any of his stuff until after I moved away.

    My youngest daughter’s middle name is Piper, somewhat inspired by my respect for him at that time in my life.

    What do I think?

    “…we are also troubled by the fact that the advance of globalization and the emergence of a global public square finds no matching vision of how we are to live freely, justly, and peacefully with our deepest differences on the global stage.”

    This is an interesting statement. I’ll need to chew on it for a bit . . .


  2. Brian, Looks to me in this statement that the term, “global public square” is referring to what some call, “global governance”, but alas, to the Evangelical Manifesto folks, this does not have a matching global inter-religious counterpart (vision), and thus they are suggesting the development of such a thing. imho.

  3. I question if the intent was to speak of “global governance,” for such an idea, of a global policing system such as we have through NATO, seems to be beyond the scope of the document (from the snippets I’ve read).

    I wonder if instead they are simply referring to the fact that, through the internet and global news and opinion gathering and dissemination agents, we now live in a smaller world where our differences are more readily apparent. This interpretation, however, doesn’t really explain their concern about living “freely, justly, and peacefully,” especially if one holds that such a vision would only be possible if it is somehow informed and enforced by a “global governance” entity. So, you may be onto something.

    Here’s how I would restate their concerns if I went with my gut interpretation:

    “In a world where everyone is now able to rub shoulders and influence one another’s actions and thoughts, how do we ensure that we refrain from trampling each others diverse opinions and beliefs and at the same time affirming (or at least displaying an active tolerance of) the existence of those differences.”

    Now you know why they didn’t ask me to write the document!


  4. hi Brian. The EM document is not speaking of global governance, but a “global public square”, which means something. Cultural, community, government, social, communication, justice system……all these are involved in the “public square” I’d assume.

    But the point is, they are saying we have a “global public square” (whatever that includes) , but there is no “matching religious counterpart”. That is what that paragraph seems to me, to be saying. Seems they are suggesting a global religious agreement for how we are all to speak and behave, regarding religion.

    There are already groups working on that….there is the UN’s URI, and also the Alliance of Civilizations which address this issue on a global scale.

    And how about those other quotes? ……….interesting………

  5. This is how it reads to me. The first paragraph I posted calls upon “everyone” to join together for the goal of achieving “civility”. God does not call us Christians to do this.

    In the second paragraph they reject “religious extremism” which leads to “conflict”. Well, any Christian who actually believes in and obeys John 14:6, and Matt.28:18-20 could be called extreme, because believing and obeying these scriptures could lead to conflict, which the Lord Jesus told us would indeed occur, because of Him.

    The third paragraph we already discussed.

    In the fourth paragraph these Evangelicals invite the lost world to “follow the golden rule” instead of follow the Lord of Glory, the Lord of Hosts, Jesus. They are happy if we can just all get along. Peaceful human diversity and well being are the ultimate goal.

    In the last paragraph, they reach out to people of all faiths, for the goal of a greater human flourishing, which sounds like a desire for interfaith cooperation for the goal of human success, prosperity, and well being (“flourishing” ) This is not the goal of Christians, to join with the world, in order to help create conflict-less world peace. Jesus is building His Kingdom redeeming people for Himself out of the world, which is separate from the world system, and sends us as His ambassadors with the gospel. He promised there will be conflict because of the exclusivity (not inclusivity) of Him and His program, which is different from the program of the world.

  6. In summary, to me this all sounds exactly like the verbage of Pope JPll and Pope Benedict XVl, as well as Rick Warren with his PEACE plan. The Evangelical Manifesto fits in quite well with their goals of interfaith unity for the purpose of world peace.

  7. hi Dan, well I’m not sure what his intention or motivation was for it, but I’m assuming it was intended to be light hearted.

    I posted it because points 3,6 and 7 reflect the irony that “Evangelicals” are also supposed to adhere to these things: believing the Bible, obeying Jesus’ words, proclaiming the Gospel….. basic stuff.

    Now it is all over the place with different movements and goals that instead involve denying the Bible, disobeying Jesus’ words and being ashamed of the Gospel.

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