A Man on Fire

My youngest had a tournament baseball game Friday afternoon, and after I parked my car near the field to go watch, a man came out of the house I parked in front of, letting me know that all the stuff in his driveway is for sale: old cabinets and bookshelves; but that’s not all! He also has a garage full of old bikes he’s restored and they are for sale. I told him I did want a bicycle and he said he had a pretty restored beach cruiser with my name on it. He also does odd jobs & handyman work. I asked if he had a business card and he said he was out right now but needs to print up more. So we started talking, and I don’t remember who first brought up spiritual things, but before long it became obvious that not only was this man a saint, he was totally “on fire”, as we say.

He was so excited to find out I was a believer and he practically burst out in praise to God, declaring the gospel with scripture and exalting Jesus Christ. We encouraged each other with telling each other scripture we had memorized that declares truth- doctrines of man, Christ, the gospel and more. He also told me some of his testimony. It was church on the street with praise to God, declaration of His Word and fellowship-encouragement happening right there on the street. The man was on fire with the Holy Spirit, bursting with joy and the desire to preach to me! Not only does this brother need regular fellowship so he is not alone in his walk, but I was thinking, “This man is on fire to preach the gospel and glorify Christ, let’s get him together with others for outreach.”

Being with others when sharing the gospel is a blessing because not only do the spiritually needy hear the gospel, but we are even more encouraged to preach or share the gospel when we hear others also doing so. It is encouraging to witness believers on fire. I know that is the case for me. I’m putting this man on my “saints in the neighborhood to encourage and keep in touch with” list. And yeah, I’m still thinking about that pretty beach cruiser.


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