Nick of Time

School is not even out yet and two of my three kids have already devoured Nick of Time, the “summer reading” adventure I got them less than a week ago. It’s weird seeing your kids actually fighting over “who gets to read the book.” We are reviewing preschool concepts of sharing and taking turns.

The book title reminds me of Friday night out in my neighborhood with Jessi. Outside our local mom and pop burger joint, we talked with Nick and a few of his friends. While we were chatting I asked him if he had children, and he said he has four adult children, but one died a year ago: the 16 year old daughter, killed in a car accident. He said now she was with God. We expressed our deep sympathy to him for his loss.

We talked for a while and eventually we began talking more about God. He was telling us he believed in Jesus, heaven and the goodness of God. He started going on about the false things in the Roman Catholic Church, for instance, how confessing to priests is wrong because we should be able to go right to God. He went off on some pretty strange tangents like his girlfriend who worships Satan and tries to get him to participate in that. He was very interested in spiritual things so we got off the bunny trails and shared the whole gospel with him. He agreed that Jesus is the way to God. We mentioned that after life is over, all are accountable and stand before God. He said something about when he dies and stands before God, then he’ll ask God to forgive him.

We told him the importance of going to Him now, through faith in Christ and repenting from sin; that today is the day of salvation, now, before we die. Apparently he never knew that before. We gave him a gospel book and CD. We think he understood the gospel, he just thought he could wait until he was dead to seek forgiveness. But then it would be too late. We must do it while we still have time.


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