God’s Wonderful Plan

God’s Wonderful Plan
by Steve Converse

On this past Monday I had the opportunity to fly back to Jacksonville, FL for a couple days to help our daughter Crystal move into their newly purchased home. A mother’s life can be rather hectic at times, having 3 young children to care for, a rental house to clean, a new house to organize/setup, plus all the motherly duties that come with 3 young children…

…(i.e. laundry to wash, dishes to wash, T-Ball practice, dance practice, recitals, errands here and there) and with all that in mind, a husband who is gone, dispatched on his ship in the US Navy for 10 days! Are you tired yet? I say all that just to let you know our daughter and son-in-law were very appreciative of my presence with them for a couple days during this tornado of activity and unsettledness. And they wanted to be sure to express their thanks to the body of believers here at GBC that allows their pastor the flexibility to travel back and help them during this time.

As I was flying over this great country of ours, I couldn’t help but think of God’s sovereignty in our lives. As I gazed out the window of the plane taking in all the beautiful scenery this country has to offer, the great Sierra/Lake Tahoe area, the vast desert of some of the western states, then the awesome mountains of the Rockies, then the flat-patterned farmland of the Midwest. I realized there’s something you are able to see at 38,000 ft. that you could never see when you are on the ground. You see the BIG picture. How God seamlessly weaves each section of this wonderful land into the next.

I wondered why God didn’t have me serving in some small mid-western town with a population of 200 in a small country church? Or possibly in a ski resort town in the Rockies reaching out to all the tourists which frequent such places. Or even in a small desert community where the temperatures rise to well over 100 degrees on a daily basis. Oh wait, been there, done that!

Whew, glad that one is behind me. Then it dawned on me, it’s because of God’s sovereignty in your life dummy! He has me right where He wants me for the time being. I couldn’t help but think of all the towns, cities and communities we fkew over. Each one having believers who are also divinely placed by God for the express purpose of influencing that community for the cause of Christ and the gospel.

God sees the BIG BIG picture from much higher that 38,000 feet. He has you strategically placed right where you are at this time inn your life for a purpose. Maybe you are single and looking to be married? Maybe you are not satisfied with your present employment situation? Maybe you just don’t like where you are living? Here’s some very practical advice for you. Finding contentment in your present circumstances is the key to God moving you to the next phase of His divine plan for your life. Scripture calls us to be content in all things.

When we recognize God’s sovereignty in our lives, it frees us up to do His will with our lives. To recognize His plan, purpose, and divine calling. That’s not something we can see at ground level. It’s not even something you can see at 38,000 feet. Only God knows and sees His plan for you. That’s why we live by faith. We need to trust Him, each day, every day of our lives.

I noticed something when we took off from San Jose; I couldn’t see Jacksonville, FL from where I was. I couldn’t even see Chicago, my first layover. It was by faith that I trusted that I would arrive in FL at the time stated on my itinerary. That same trust and faith takes us each day into the next. Even as I’m typing this article, I’m expressing my faith that I will arrive safely back to you in CA. By the way, if I don’t make it back, I hope to see you in heaven.

Steve Converse is pastor of our church which meets at Grace Bible church in Redwood City.

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