Reverse 911 Calls: a Warning

Excerpt from: Reverse 911…a Call to Repentance
by: Ray Baumann

This is exactly what sharing the gospel is all about – we are warning people about the judgment to come and their need for repentance. Recently in San Diego there were many that did not realize how close the fire was to their homes and the reverse 911 call came just in time. They saw the smoke but did not realize the great danger. The good news Christians have to share is about the escape from danger.

There is a dangerous misconception that says the majority of people are seeking after God. They are calling 911 for spiritual help and as Christians we are to sit back and wait for the incoming calls. The truth is that the world has no idea the danger they are in. I don’t believe that an unbeliever can seek after God. You don’t start seeking God until after you have repented of your sin. It is not until you are convinced of your sinful state that you understand God’s grace.

God has called believers to preach the gospel, to sound the alarm to warn our generation. We cannot worry about the response. The response should have no bearing on the message. We are warning people who have no idea of the danger and their need for a savior. Our approach must be to show their condition before God. They will not see the need for escape or need for a savior if there is nothing to be saved from.

Preaching repentance – is it really that important? Jesus thought so much of it that He preached it. The apostles were commanded to preach it: “And that repentance and remission of sins should be preached in his name among all nations, beginning at Jerusalem,” (Luke 24:47).

Read the article here at Christian Worldview Network.

2 thoughts on “Reverse 911 Calls: a Warning

  1. Your post recalled the words of RC Sproul in his book “What is Reformed Theology?”,

    Thomas Aquinas observed that people are seeking happiness, peace, relief from guilt, personal fulfillment, and other such benefits.

    We understand that these benefits can be found ultimately in God alone. We draw the inference that, because people are seeking what God alone can supply, they must be seeking God Himself.

    This is our error.

    In our fallen condition we desire the benefits that only God can give us but we do not want him. We want the gifts without the Giver, the benefits without the Benefactor.

  2. Laz, hi. Good quote. Thanks for sharing that! Just want to repeat here that this post was from an article by Ray Baumann. And yes, though I do not specifically mean to discuss theology per se here on Witnessing Encouragement, it goes without saying that our theology informs our methodology and message. : ) I don’t try too hard to hide the fact that yes I’m Reformed in my belief about soteriology (as well as in general). The topic is always under the surface, when discussing evangelism.

    With all the alternate gospels being offered out there now, I am very glad to see many step up and strongly declare that we must continue (despite the fads and apostacy) to proclaim the true gospel, which is not about felt needs, having a happy life and saving the world (among numerous other things) but it is still, as it has always been, about our sin, separation, guilt and condemnation, and what God has done in Christ to redeem/forgive/justify His people by His grace for our eternal salvation and God’s glory. Jesus the Shepherd goes out and finds and gathers all His lost sheep.

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