Ready to Share the Gospel

Being ready to use current events to share the gospel. Several witnessing conversations I’ve had were the result of someone asking me directly about some current event. After 911, I had neighbors literally coming to my door to ask me what was happening, if God “did that”, etc. They were afraid and they wanted answers. In those cases I told them that this was not “God making that happen to us”, but was the act of evil men. But I told them that this was now the time to hear what God is trying to tell you. Then I went into the gospel with them. I shared about how we can only be “safe” in Christ. They listened. The same thing happened with Katrina and the South East Asia tsunami. The same thing is happening now.

Right now we have government billboards asking us, “READY?”(it begs the question!), we have weird things going on with money, food, gas, markets, jobs, weather……..then there’s America slowly uniting with Canada and Mexico…………and lots more. I’m sure you could add to the list.

About a month ago I was in a store, and I heard a group of businessmen talking about the economy, about recession, and they had tinges of panic and fear in their voices. They were seriously asking each other what was going to happen. I often hear people in public, discussing their fear regarding current events. As things change and events happen, people are bewildered and frankly, afraid. Many times people will openly speak to you about how they feel. We need to be ready to lovingly direct people from these world events to dealing with the ultimate issues of God’s righteousness, justice, love, mercy, and the cross of Christ. We need to be ready to share the gospel.

4 thoughts on “Ready to Share the Gospel

  1. Amen! I was telling a couple of co-workers about a tsunami that scientists are predicting will hit the east coast of the US and it led to telling the one guy why it’s important to have the Lord as Savior and to be prepared for heaven. It was a great conversation. 🙂

  2. micey, Amen
    yes God will use all these things for His good, when He gathers His own into His Kingdom. I’m glad you were able to have that conversation!

    ps- I thought they were predicting a west coast tsunami. ; )

  3. I know some people think that natural disasters are God’s judgment against sin (against America, etc). I don’t personally hold that view. If someone asked me if it was God’s judgment I would tell them about how God judged sin on the Cross and how the Day of Judgment is coming, but that today it is still the day of Salvation for all who would believe… and that they must respond with repentance and faith. Any disasters or bad things that happen should serve to wake us up to the fact that we are mortal, we are not guaranteed another day… and we live in a sin-sick world.

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