Tourist or Christian Worker?

Well summer is right around the corner. Time to make our travel plans to see the world. Let’s see, there’s France, Hawaii, New York, the Alps, Olympics in China, Kenya safari, Italy/Greece, the Caribbean, cruising the oceans…. so many choices. Here’s a challenging thought from the Dec. 2004 issue of Voice of the Martyrs about what we are spending all our time on, in this life.

At an airport in India, the immigration officers stopped the son of one of our board members. They would not let this young man into the country. Looking over their shoulders, the American was able to read his own file on the computer screen. He saw the accusation: “religious activist”. A year earlier he had participated in a Christian musical presentation there. Now he was expelled, his passport was held, and he was escorted through two countries by various airport officials before being freed in the Phillipines. He had hoped to return to India, but carried his Hope elsewhere.

When God looks at the computer screen of our life on our Judgment Day, what will flash across about our time spent on earth, tourist or Christian activist (Christian worker)?

4 thoughts on “Tourist or Christian Worker?

  1. Hi Justin thanks for dropping by. I checked out your site- I like it. So where are you, where do you go to school.

    Yea summer vacation is the perfect opportunity for college students to have those life changing experiences such as participation in urban gospel outreaches, or going on one of those “short term missions” overseas…rather than spend your time as a tourist, you can invest it in the Kingdom as a laborer in the harvest…you will be changed & challenged.

    It will also make you really think about “what really is the gospel message?” and “what is my philosophy of (evangelism) ministry?”………

    Heavy stuff like that.

  2. I was a freshman at William Carey University in Hattiesburg, MS, but now I am going to transfer to Leavell College of the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary in the fall… hopefully. I currently live in Hattiesburg, MS.

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