Happy Norouz!

See! The winter is past;
The rains are over and gone.
Flowers appear on the earth;
The season of singing has come.

Wow we had such a wonderful time Sunday down at the Persian new year festival in Los Gatos. We went down and joined several south bay Persian churches and two parachurch ministries that reach Muslims, for a full day of creative outreach.

How I wish I brought my camera. The festival was just beautiful and it was a gorgeous day. I’ve never seen so many people at a cultural festival before, and they were all so beautiful, friendly and warm. There must have been 15-20,000 people there, all sitting down in family groups on the grass. The people attending the festival included Christians, but most were either “cultural” Christians (mostly Orthodox), Muslims, New Agers or Zoroastrians.

The church hosting this outreach had a large booth with coloring books, face painting, crafts, puppet show and games for the children. They also had one table laden with hundreds of He Lived Among Us books, gospel booklets, gospel tracts, Life of the Messiah (Jesus film) DVD’s, and flyers that had a gospel message on it. The flyer used the traditional Norouz new year story to bridge to sharing a biblical gospel message with scripture. All the materials were in Farsi and English. The DVD’s had eight Middle Eastern languages to choose from.

There were several brothers and sisters who spent the day ministering with the children’s activities, some talked all day sharing the gospel 1 on 1, some manned the literature table, and some of us walked around and passed out the “happy Norouz” gospel materials to each family group. My voice is pretty much gone due to a cold, so I helped pass out literature and CD’s all day, greeting and chatting briefly as I went around the huge park.

Toward the end of the day we went and stood near the three exits and gave out even more gospel materials to everyone as they left for the parking lots. Kids were running up to us and asking for the packs. Then they ran back and gave them to their parents. It was such a blessing to hear so many polite “thank you”s and cheerful appreciation from people who were happy to receive the materials. Pray that many more Bay Area Persian and Afghan people come to know and trust our Lord Jesus.

2 thoughts on “Happy Norouz!

  1. hi Scotti, No the real inspiration is the dear Persian believers, especially the Muslim background believers, who are so burdened to reach their people who have also moved here. I’m just glad they invited me to come down to help them. There is nothing like serving with brothers & sisters who are on fire and eager to share the gospel. thank you for your blessing, and I bless you too my sister. : )

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