Keep Sowing the Seeds

We are having such a great time reading wonderful books about people in the Eastern Hemisphere. Right now we are doing a history/geography/culture unit study on the people of the Middle East. Currently we are reading Tales of Persia, by William Miller, an American man who served in Persia in the 1920’s through the 1960’s.

These are wonderful stories of sowing the seed of God’s Word among people who had not yet heard the gospel. So far my favorite story is the one about a man who went to the market at lunchtime to buy bread and cheese, and when he got home, he discovered the cheese was wrapped in a paper that had an interesting story written on it. It happened to be a page ripped from a Bible! He went back to the merchant every day to buy cheese so he could get more pages from “that book”. He sought out and found someone (an American missionary) who not only gave him a whole copy of the Ingil in his own language, but then taught him all about Jesus and the gospel in a bible study in his home. This Persian man became a believer who spent the rest of his life reaching his own family and countrymen with the gospel.

On Sunday we were talking about what an encouragement these missionary stories are to us. For every story we hear, there are also countless others we have not heard! It is good to share stories of God’s work in saving people, so we do not get weary in our labor. God uses us to encourage each other, and one of the ways is in sharing stories of the power of the gospel to bring new life in Christ. Sometimes we think we see no fruit for our seed sowing labor, but that does not mean that God is not bearing fruit from His precious seed. He is! We may just not see the fruit of our labor until glory.

Who is it that gave the cheese seller the Bible he used to wrap cheese in? We don’t know. Someone gave it to him, (sowing the Seeds) and the cheese seller was quietly sharing it(sowing the Seeds) with everyone in his community. God sent a man to that merchant to get the seed of the Word of God. He read it and believed. So keep sowing those seeds, trusting that God will cause it to bear good fruit, like He promised.

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