Jesus Saves…

..from sin, death, judgment, hell, and the American Dream. And now it’s time for a little pick me up video, shot down in “SLO” where the livin’ is easygoing and lifestyles are prosperous. I’d like to see the same video shot up here in the San Francisco Bay Area. We have some different cultural dynamics, but the focus here, as on the Central Coast, is material “success” and luxury living.

Just a little reminder to consider what we are doing with our lives, now that Christ has saved us. What are we here for? We must provide for our families, yes. We are raising our children in the faith. We are serving in the church. We have to do chores. But what about the rest of the time God has given us? Are we wasting it pursuing the American Dream, or are we investing in eternity and exalting Christ as the incomparable treasure that He is?

Video: Jesus Saves.

2 thoughts on “Jesus Saves…

  1. Excellent message for all the church world. The unbelievers are looking on. Do they see any difference that they might desire to have what we have?
    May God shake and awake.
    Bless you, Richard

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