“It’s About Faith in Jesus”

On Friday night we were up in The City doing a little fishing with about seven friends. While Eric preached, Jessi and I were looking for opportunities to talk with people. We had conversations with several people who had questions related to the preaching they were hearing. They all heard the gospel in the course of our conversations. As is usually the case, some were arrogant and wanted to argue, mock and accuse, but some were humble, open and had “ears to hear”. A few times we were sharing and the person, and upon hearing part of God’s truth, just suddenly turned and ran off laughing and mocking. They did not want to hear it, even though deep down they know it is true (Romans 1).

The highlight of the evening for me was sharing with one young woman, “Lillian”, (about 19 or 20 years old) who identified herself as a practicing Catholic. She described herself as trying to be a “good person” and faithfully doing all the requirements of the Catholic Church. I shared my testimony with her, of how I was doing the same “good works” thing as a teen, trying to be “a good Catholic”. We shared the Law with her, so she could understand that her “goodness” does not really exist, and her “good works” cannot cancel her sin against God. Hearing the Law, she was realizing she would face God’s judgment – you could see it on her face.

She asked us, quite concerned, “What can we do then?”, (since religious and good works cannot save), and then we knew that sharing the gospel with her would truly be good news. We told her we can do nothing; that Jesus did it all. We said to run to Christ, admitting your sin to Him, believing and trusting in Him by faith to forgive and save you through what He did on the cross. We shared the gospel with her and gave her a gospel of John booklet to read at home and she left hopeful.

This was the classic divine appointment that is such a blessing. She had two girl friends with her, but they did not drag her away, they just walked away for a while and then came back for her when we were done talking. She was brought under conviction by the Law, and the Gospel was the grace that gave her hope. I loved it when her face lit up and she said, “Ohh, it’s about faith in Jesus!”

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