A Biblical Youth Group (wow!)

“So, honey, what did they teach about tonight?”, I asked my Jr. Hi age daughter as we drove home from our local youth group of choice. Her answer was music to my ears.

No, it wasn’t “Belong to the group” (psychology +Church Growth Movement), “Take back the city from the principalities of darkness and claim the territory for God” (Kingdom Now/Dominionist movement), or “God spoke to me and said you are the end time army of God to be the new authoritative apostles and prophets” (New Apostolic Reformation movement).

They didn’t play Halo, shock-value unsanitary “gross games” or worship unbiblicaly with candle & incense burning, altar decorating, stations of the cross, chanting or labyrinth walking (Emergent/return to Rome movement).

Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for fun and being social. They do play games, eat pizza and go on fun summer and winter trips. But the focus is discipling young Christians in God’s Word.

So what did she learn? “God is Sovereign”. That’s right; they are teaching the youth the attributes of God. How refreshing!

I’m so, so thankful for this youth group, and youth pastor. This is God’s faithful provision. The pastor desires to teach young people Biblical Christian doctrine, theology and some apologetics. He has a heart to pass on the faith and disciple youth in the Word of God. He desires to prepare kids to hold fast to Biblical Truth, as they come of age in a world of apostasy in the church, and increasing hatred of the things of God out in the world. He wants to prepare them for a life of service to God, as ambassadors of the gospel, and to stand strong in faith in Jesus.

12 thoughts on “A Biblical Youth Group (wow!)

  1. I spent 13 years of my life as a youth minister. We had the coolest, loudest, most outrageous show you could produce with a youth ministry budget. It was unbiblical!!!! ohh we would squeeze a little “devotion” between the lunacy but nothing of substance. No real discipleship. No real study. I have long since repented. Many student ministers have realized that bar was set very low for youth ministry. God deserves so more than our entertainment.

  2. waddey, our own church has no youth group but my teens hear solid, challenging, meaty teaching and preaching from God’s Word in the worship service, and for that I am so thankful. Our pastor was a youth minister in his earlier days. Now, he disciples teens by teaching and preaching, and shepherding them in love, as with the rest of the people in our church. Teens are not unable to understand the Word of God taught. This is how God saves and grows His children anyway (amen?); through His Word. The youth pastor I mentioned in this post told me that Paul Washer said something like most youth groups should shut down and repent, or something to that effect.

    I don’t know which is more disturbing; the irreverence/entertainment focus of the ministry you described, or the plethera of false doctrines fed to kids by these different movements.

  3. Greetings. What a good report in an age when so much is “entertainment driven” these days. It’s always refreshing to hear reports of those who love Jesus wholeheartedly and are serious about the deep things of God.

    Have a blessed weekend in Jesus.


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  5. Wow. Where is this church? They need to get the message out for those families that are looking for a real Christ-centered, God-honoring youth group.

    – The Pilgrim

  6. First Baptist Church, San Mateo. Aside from actually teaching kids solid biblical teaching (rather than sociological/psychological principles) they are passing on a biblical view of evangelism of reaching out with the true gospel(rather than CGM: bring the world in so we can entertain them). God is amazingly good. I’m so thankful for how God has provided for our children here on the Peninsula; both our church, and this church as well. : )

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  8. The comments on this page were a confirmation to me. I have only been leading youth for the last 4 months. Most of the youth, their parents and even the Pastor has been disappointed because we are not “entertaining” the kids enough to keep them engaged. My heart is that these kids learn God’s Word and draw close to Him. I know that He wants to use them right now. I held my youth group last night and only had 3 teens come. I also had a parent tell me that she wasn’t going to force her kids to come if they didn’t enjoy it. I was so discouraged that I wanted out. The Lord ministered to me though and showed me that it wasn’t going to be easy. I just need to keep my eyes on Him and His Truth and He will do the rest.

  9. Truth seeker, don’t give up! The church needs you to feed the young sheep in Jesus’ flock. Don’t be discouraged by the worldly parents and churches who love the world more than Jesus. The Lord told us to die to self, take up our cross and follow Him. But many in the church-world are following after the world: popularity, success, fun and fitting in with the in-crowd (the world, which happens to be antichrist).

    I don’t know what to say to you about your pastor being disappointed with you wanting to actually disciple the kids, but I will put you in touch with a youth pastor who I am sure will be able to encourage you as a youth minister. I’ll give him your email if that’s okay. I think you can have a biblical youth group (meaning, teaching and modeling Christ and His Word) and have fun too. Loving, caring, friendship building leadership and faithfulness to teaching the truth of the Word, and a vision to pass on the faith to the next generation, are my desires and hopes for a youth group, as a Christian parent.

    In my humble opinion as an ordinary believer, numbers mean nothing. The world’s marketing strategists count numbers as ‘success’. But we know the Bible teaches us that faithfulness to God, trusting and obeying Him (to the end), that is success. The multitudes left Jesus because He was no fun anymore when He started saying shocking things. But He poured Himself into the few (His disciples). Then He sent them into the world to fulfill the Great Commission!

    Don’t be discouraged at the parents. If they leave to find more fun for the kids, just teach the ones that you have left.
    It is not easy to serve Christ but it is worth anything. Be faithful to Jesus and let Him reward you in glory. In the meantime, He will give you strength.

    Read here about what happened when an expert in youth ministry … er I mean Sociology, came to our old church to teach parents about teens and to give advice on Christian parenting:

    Listen to the Lord and He will guide you, dear servant of Christ.

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