Witnessing Helps

Here is a very helpful and informative talk on “witnessing” that will equip, instruct and encourage you. Mike Gendron gives us his testimony of coming to Christ out of the Roman Catholic Church. The message of the gospel and the methods of evangelism are reviewed. The motivations for evangelism are discussed. There’s a special focus on witnessing to Catholics. And for you outdoors enthusiasts, there’s even a fish story!

-It glorifies God our savior.
-It is a divine command .
-It is a royal privilege and life’s greatest call.
-It is the greatest act of love and compassion to others.
-It is the only message of salvation.
-It is clear evidence of your new life in Christ.
-It fulfills the desire to follow Christ in being a fisher of men.

-God’s attributes. Holiness, righteousness, justice, love, merciful, gives grace,the Creator.
-The bad news: The wages of sin being death. The judgment of God against sin.
-The good news: Sinners can be reconciled to God through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Jesus’ righteousness is given as a gift(imputation), in exchange for our sin. Jesus is the substitute for the judgment that we deserve(substitution).
-The fact that there is only one way to God; through Christ.
-That God saves sinners by grace, through faith,(justification)not by our works.
-People must repent and believe by faith.

-Giving essential doctrines (the message) of the gospel.
-Our job: sowing and reaping. God gives the increase.
-Attitude: glory of God, love for Christ and compassion for the lost.
-Discusses unbiblical methods (altar calls, repeat a prayer, “accept Christ”, only telling about God’s love, false or watered down gospel).
-Patience, humility,caring, sensitivity towards others, along with urgency.
-Conversations, questions.
-Define terms if necessary. Many have unbiblical understanding for bible terms.
-Point people to the scriptures.
-Using literature, and other media.

Audio: Motivation, message and methods of witnessing, by Mike Gendron.


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