New Year 2008

Now that we are back from visiting relatives in Arizona, and saying hello to Mickey Mouse, it is time to unpack and contemplate the new year. I’m not one to do the new year’s resolution thing, but I have a few extra minutes this morning so, here’s a short list.

1. Figure out how to post photos on my blog and spruce things up a bit around here.

2. Read a few theology books made of paper. I was blessed with these gifts: God Centered Evangelism, by Kuiper, and The Battle Belongs to the LORD, by Oliphint (‘presuppositional’ apologetics, my favorite kind).

3. Start ordering those free pocket testaments from PocketPower.

4. Begin collecting gospel materials in more languages, especially Arabic, Farsi, Portuguese, Mandarin, Spanish, Hindi, and Turkish.

5. Burn some more of those audio gospel CDs.

6. Make friends with more international people(recent arrivals) in my community.

It was amazing seeing the 65,000 people at Disneyland the day we were there. So many international people! Here at home on the Peninsula, I am meeting more and more people from Turkey, Brazil, Iran, Iraq, China and India. So many people, so little time. Let us make the most of the opportunities the Lord gives us to share the gospel in 2008.


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