Your Worst Life Now

Your Worst Life Now
by Adam Pivec

It’s a good thing the book of 2 Timothy is already in the Bible because it would never make it to print today. Consider its message: “Join with me in suffering for the gospel by the power of God” (2 Timothy 1:8). There’s simply no market for it. Sure the “power of God” part ain’t half bad. That’ll sell books. But, as anyone who’s looked at the Christian bestseller list will tell you, the power of God is for making your smile bigger, your destiny brighter, and for achieving Your Best Life Now. It’s not for suffering, right?

Sure, suffering was O.K. for those Christians in the early church and for a few unlucky people who live in unseen corners of Africa today. But we’re more civilized now. Isn’t it time we put this barbaric concept of “suffering for the gospel” to bed?

Well, do so at your own risk. The apostle Paul’s odd invitation to the young pastor, Timothy, was neither sadistic nor meaningless. It was wise. Paul knew that suffering for the gospel would lead to a more glorious and lasting reward than could be gained from fleeing it. He knew the road to glory goes through the cross, not around it.

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