On our way out of the children’s section of the library, our arms loaded down with books on China, my daughter and I stopped briefly at the “featured books” table to look at the display on Hanukkah. Only a few feet away, two men and a woman were sitting down and looking at a children’s book, speaking intently with each other. The book was open to a picture of what looked like Europe and all the lands surrounding the Mediterranean. It looked like a picture of the old Roman Empire. They were speaking in Spanish, and when I heard the words, “Rome…Jesus… Jewish”, I became interested! I decided to hang near them and just listen to their conversation a bit.

When they were done talking, they looked at me and I smiled, admitting that I was wondering what they were talking about, since I heard them say, ‘Jesus’. One of them said to me (in English)that they were discussing and wondering “who it was that killed Jesus”. I said that was a good question, and he said they did not know. He asked me if I knew! We all got to talk a long time. I explained the whats and whys about the Roman political leadership, and the Jewish religious leadership, but then said that the real story is that it was God’s plan all along; Jesus willingly laid His life down for us, to pay for sin. They never heard that before. We got into the character of God, man’s sin and why the sacrifice and offering of Jesus was necessary to make us right with God.

Listen. You may hear an opportunity to share the gospel with someone who has questions about Jesus.

2 thoughts on “Hear

  1. hi Jessi, God’s people are out there (He has made them ready!) and He arranges for us to come in contact with them….we just need to keep our ears open. It’s amazing what people say that will open the door to a conversation.

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