Why Watch?

It was a wonder to watch this morning, as three world leaders addressed the large gathering of international dignitaries at Annapolis. They spoke the words that the Lord told us we would hear: “Peace and security!” Now, we have heard this before, but this phrase is being repeated with increasing frequency. Not just one person, but many are now saying this. They were also tossing around words like, ‘Jerusalem’. I say this soberly: it was a thrill to watch, because this was watching God’s Word come true.

I’ve heard Christians say that we are not supposed to watch, and that God does not want us to pay attention to these things happening in the world. I have heard them say God just wants us to live our lives.

Why watch? He told us things would happen. As we watch and see these things happen, we give glory, praise and worship to God who fulfills His Word exactly as He said He would. This also adds additional testimony to our witness as we point to prophecy that God is fulfilling, or has fulfilled. This gives glory to God.

Why watch? He told us things would happen that signify His return. These are signs of the times. We watch and see these things happening, and are comforted as we remember His promise to us that He will come again for us. This gives us encouragement.

Why watch? Ultimately, we watch because He repeatedly told us to. It is not only ‘ok’ for us to watch, but we are instructed to do so. Watch therefore..Matt.24:42. As we work at the tasks He has given us to do, and wait for Him, we also watch in wonder as scripture is fulfilled before our eyes. He told us to watch. This is a command He has given to us.

Therefore let us not sleep as do others; but let us watch and be sober. 1Thes.5:6.


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