Christmas is Coming

Are you getting ready? I know, it’s not even Thanksgiving yet, but I figure in the back of your mind you are already thinking of turkeys, travel plans, family, shopping, gifts, traditions, special menus, decorating and mailing packages. But don’t forget to get ready so Christmas can be the highlight of your year for witnessing.

The “holiday” season is great: Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years, because it is a great time for outreach. I like to write my own small “Christmas cards”, print them up, personalize them a bit and give them out to people I meet all season. How many people are you going to meet and talk with over the next several weeks as you go about preparing for Christmas? These are people who need to hear the good news. You can have a Christmas gift all ready to give, right in your pocket. People like getting personal, homemade gifts or holiday cards. You can write a gospel message with a theme that may be holiday related. Take the opportunity to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. Be biblical, loving, clear, bold, truthful, and joyful. Go from the natural to the spiritual. You can do this.

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