Relationships out in the Community:Leah

How do we know who to witness to? Jesus already told us to go and preach the gospel to every creature. We may give or leave a written gospel message for someone to read. If we are street preaching, we are proclaiming the gospel to everyone within the sound of our voice. We may not necessarily have relationships with those who hear, but this is still a legitimate method. Jesus (and the disciples) both preached to crowds, and shared one on one within a relationship.

If we have family, friends and coworkers, a relationship is already there. We know that the Lord has put them around us so they can hear the gospel through us.

What if we are out in public, among thousands of anonymous people as we do our work, shopping and errands? How do we know who to talk to about Jesus? The Lord will lead us by His Holy Spirit, to who we should speak to. He “opens the door” by making a conversation with someone possible. If they want to listen and hear more, and if they ask questions, the door remains “open”. If they do not want to hear it; if they are not interested, the door is then “closed”. You have done your part, and you are done. God opens and closes the doors. Sometimes God will lead you to witness, and the response will be rejection! God will provide another opportunity that you can take by faith. Sometimes God will lead you, and the response will be a genuine interest in hearing the gospel. In each case, you have been obedient in following the leading of the Lord, to speak as His ambassador.

It doesn’t take that long to make a relationship with someone. I was in the grocery store this weekend, and I started chatting with “Leah” in the spice isle. She was there with her two toddlers in her cart. She just arrived a few weeks ago from Israel; relocating for her husband’s new engineering job. This young woman is not only adjusting to life in the Bay Area, she needs to make all new friends, etc. I believe she is here so she can be exposed to the amazing truth about Yeshua. We had a nice conversation right there in the store. She gave me her email. Hopefully we can go out for coffee soon, or maybe to the park with the kids. Have you met a “Leah” recently?


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