Hope deferred makes the heart sick.. Pr. 13:12. Life is looking like a mess, from our perspective. Our ‘hopes’ are deferred. This disappointment makes the heart sick. We have our ‘wants’, which are based on our ‘hopes’. In contrast, there’s God’s will, and the real Hope we have in Him.

Life is like the bottom of a Persian rug, but if you could see it from above, it is curiously wrought with the finest needlework.

The very spindle of the Almighty is turning and weaving the threads of your life. And while you think they are frayed, in fact, they are perfectly woven together. Your life is not coming unraveled – it is a tapestry.

Audio: Are You Disappointed?


2 thoughts on “Disappointed?

  1. Hello Loretta,

    Came across your blog and enjoying it thoroughly! I wonder what church you attend in the SF area? If its a good one – which, based upon your blog I trust you can probably make an honest assesment of. I ask because I often get requests to recommend churches, so I like to keep a record of them.

    Thanks for posting “The Errors of Modern Evangelism”

    In Christ alone,
    Joe LoSardo
    Bread of Life Fellowship

  2. hi Joe,
    Thank you for stopping by and posting a comment! We go to Grace Bible Church in Redwood City, about 25 miles south of San Francisco, on the Peninsula. We like it because it it not seeker/Willowcreek/PD/psychobabble/entertainment and man focused, but rather it teaches the Word of God, preaches the true gospel and lovingly cares for the flock. I also appreciate the biblical view of evangelism: that they do not tell us to go and bring in everyone we know, so we can get huge and be a mega, but rather to go out and share the gospel out in the world, like Jesus told us to.


    Thanks again for your helpful message!
    love, your sister in the Lord,

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