Reach Out

This was sent in by a friend and sister in Christ. This was her first time witnessing at the Arabic Cultural Festival. We both brought our daughters so we could disciple and train them in evangelism and cross cultural understanding, as we worked.

We ‘worked the booth’ for the first 2.5 hours we were there. When some people from church came, I got out of the booth. From 2.30 till 4.30 we walked around, sometimes I was alone and sometimes with my daughter. Best conversation I had then was with the man selling clothing — but his booth was cramped, he had lots of customers, and he was very talkative. I hope someone can follow up. He is in this camp of “we are the same” and whats the difference calling Jesus a prophet or a son. I wasn’t able to get in to that much.

But I emphasized the need for sacrifice for sin, and the object lesson of God providing a substitute for Abraham. I gave him my one and only “path of the prophets” and he promised to read it later and look up in the quran where it told the story to refresh his memory (he thought it was about attitude of submission, not that God really needed a sacrifice).

At the booth I met a few Christians wanting materials to share with Muslims, so I was able to connect with them and give them encouragement. One woman in particular I recall is “Ja”.

Also a few caucasians came saying yes they spoke arabic or were learning and wanted materials. I gave them all the gospel of John+Romans parallel english/arabic. A few of them I am certain were converting or had converted to islam and that is why they were learning or did know the language, but I didn’t get to discuss that with them.

I pray that God will use the Gospel+Romans not for helping their language but by their study of the material to show them the true Gospel, that they would forsake their sins and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ as their only hope for righteousness and salvation.


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