“I’ve Never Thought of That Before”

So I was sitting on a bench yesterday at the county fair after my kids volunteered as hosts in the youth exhibit hall. I had prayed for even one opportunity to share the gospel while I was there, and the Lord was faithful, as usual.

A young couple in their 30’s came into the hall with their stroller and toddler and sat down next to me on the bench. I ended up having a long conversation with the husband while the wife quietly listened and sometimes went chasing after the toddler. This man and his wife came here from Taiwan several years ago. We ended up talking about the very diverse demographics of the Bay Area, the history of international immigration here, and the history of Taiwan. I then asked him what he does for work, and he works in Silicon Valley (of course) in Tech. Finance. I decided to ask him the same question we asked the girl from Norway last week: What do you think is man’s greatest problem? Interestingly, the man gave virtually the same first answer as the Norwegian girl did: Global Warming (she said the environment). The world system replaces God’s glorious Truth with an earth centered alternative religion. Like evolution, it is repeated so much, it becomes accepted (and unquestioned) as gospel ‘truth’. But I digress.

I asked the man again, what he thinks is the greatest problem that is directly about man, (rather than the earth), and he thought and told me three things; 1. rouge dictators, 2. nuclear armament(threat of nuclear war) and 3. diseases.

Then I asked him, what if these problems were solved, and man lives his life, then dies, and stands before the Holy and Just God, to Whom we must face in judgment regarding the guilt of our sin against Him? What can man do about this most urgent, eternally signigificant problem?

His face changed, he thought a second and then said, “I’ve never thought of that before.”

His answer was that he would tell God all the good things he did.

The man listened intently to the entire gospel, and accepted a gospel booklet, which he said he had never read before. We thanked each other for the conversation and wished each other a good day. We talked for probably half an hour.

The god of this world keeps people pretty distracted with things of this world: entertainment, pleasure, the corporate ladder, money, success, power, vacations, new toys. It is easy to never have to think about eternity, the soul and the God of creation.

This man and his wife have been here in the Bay Area for eleven years. They had not heard the gospel in all that time. Where are the Christian men in his life? Where are the believers in his company? Perhaps there are no Christians in his life at all. That is why we are here. God has given us a job to do.

Friends, this is a major mission field. Let us ask our Father to lead us to the ones He wants us to tell, and He will.

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4 thoughts on ““I’ve Never Thought of That Before”

  1. Been in USA 11 years and has never heard the gospel. That says alot.
    It’s wonderful how you get out and witness to people. What kind of booklets or tracts do you use? Do you have any favorites?

  2. Hi Rachel, I think one of the reasons they had not heard yet, was that our area, the SF Bay Area, is not exactly known for having many Christians. This area is a mission field, so whatever believers we have here are kind of in the same situation as believers in another country where there are few believers. That is why I’m hoping to encourage Christians in our area to be involved in witnessing.

    I don’t think the majority of Christians here share their faith. We can all be laborers; it is not just something for the “evangelists” to do. We need to be both “cross cultural missionaries”(here where we live), and “indigenous” believers reaching our own people right where we live.

    Actually I do not get out that much, as I have three children, run my house and this year I’m homeschooling one of my children. When I’m out, I’m usually doing something for or with my family (errands, outings etc) so I try to take whatever opportunities God gives in those situations. It is like tentmaking. We all can do this no matter what our “job” is.

    Usually I give out the gospel of John. I have given out ‘The Book of Hope’ booklet, and I like to write my own tracts and give them out. I am not a huge fan of published tracts, though I’m not opposed to them at all. I just like to give out homemade tracts because it is more personal and I like to share the messages God puts on my heart. I like to take a topic that is naturally on the mind of people (holiday, current events, concerns) and use that to introduce the gospel. I write very simple, straightforward messages, nothing fancy. Sometimes I arrange tracts that are just scripture only. I print them at the copy shop or on my printer at home, and distribute them as the Lord leads.

    I like your website! (Be Bereans) Very encouraging variety there. : )

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