Sow the Seed

Today (Tuesday) we were at Telegraph and Haste in Berkeley. There were lots of people who came from far away to help with the outreach, including whole families and large groups of young adults. After greeting everybody I paired up with a brother from Washington and we walked up Telegraph, and up into Sproul Plaza, giving out newsprint booklets of “The Great News” (gospel of John) to whoever wanted one. We gave away several dozen, mostly to the younger college students. A few stopped and were immediately interested in it upon receiving it, and wanted to talk. This gave us the opportunity to share the gospel with them. Many of the people we encountered and chatted with were international students. There is intense darkness, rejection and opposition in this locale, so it was a great blessing from the Lord to see many young people open to taking and reading the gospel. It was quite exciting to see a few thank us enthusiastically, obviously glad to get it.

There were two young men from Taiwan, here for a summer academic program. They eagerly took the booklets and after we said goodbye and began to walk away, they chased after us, pulling out their binders, papers and pens. They wanted us to answer questions for an assignment they had. My partner went on a bit, to another person, leaving me with the young students. It turns out they had about 15 in depth questions they wanted me to answer, so I apologized that I really did not have time to answer the questions for their research project. But I turned the focus from me to them and asked them if they knew what was a most urgent and important question: What are they going to say when they stand before God in judgment? They were interested in this question, and this gave the opportunity to share the gospel. Another wonderful example of how the Lord sends international people here, so we can share the gospel with them.

There was also a lot of bold, biblical, Spirit filled, Christ exalting, open air gospel preaching. There were some who listened, and many who hatefully raged against it.

Scattering precious seed, doubting never,
Scattering precious seed, trusting ever;
Sowing the word with prayer and endeavor,
Trusting the Lord for growth and for yield.

Scattering Precious Seed


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