Although my dear friends were here in California for part of their furlough from Albania, my friend’s husband went for a week to Korea for the “historic”, Campus Crusade “Campus Mission” conference, where 20,000 students gathered from 129 countries to focus on reaching the remaining unreached (more influential) campuses of the world with the gospel. (And 25 Albanians made the trip.) What an amazingly exciting experience it must have been for these college students (and staff), gathering with other students from Uzbekistan, China, Egypt, Nicaragua, India, Nigeria, New Zealand, Korea, Peru, Russia……. etc! Here is his witnessing story from his flight to Korea.

As I boarded the airplane headed to Tokyo en route to CM2007, I was expecting to be crowded in a small seat for the 11 hour trip and praying for grace from the Lord to endure it. I did not expect what God was about to do.

Shige is a 31 year old young Japanese man who was traveling to Japan to register his newborn son for citizenship in Japan. He currently lives near San Francisco and is doing post-doctoral research at Stanford University (yes he is extremely bright- he is trying to find a cure for cancer!).

As we sat down he asked me, “So where are you going?” I explained that I was going to a Christian conference to which he responded, “I don’t know much about that, I’m a Buddhist.” He then proceeded to pull a DVD of the movie, “The Last Temptation of Christ” from his bag. When I told him that this wouldn’t help really know the truth about Jesus, he asked, “What is the truth about Jesus?” Being the astute evangelist I thought, “Lord, maybe I should share the gospel with this guy!” We engaged in a wonderful, transparent conversation–looking at many things in the Bible together (he had never read anything from the Bible before.) He shared his struggle with the meaning of life and as I shared the gospel with him his eyes lit up and 30 minutes after takeoff we prayed together and Shige placed his faith in Jesus Christ! We had the chance to talk a lot over the next 10+ hours on the flight and before leaving the plane Shige had this amazing insight he shared with me- “If I hadn’t met you today, I probably would have died without ever knowing God.” Wow!

What has been exciting is that Shige has come to church along with his family with us. This has been his first experience ever going into a church for any reason and he is asking all the right questions. We have had a chance to talk a lot and get him started in the right direction. Please pray for God’s continuing work in his life and that he would get plugged in with other believers where he would grow in his new life in Christ.


4 thoughts on “Shige

  1. from: Scotti

    Wow! Praise the Lord! Thanks for sharing this amazing story! Isn’t it wonderful how God places people in our path each and every day that need to hear the good news? If we would only be obedient each and every time we are presented with such an opportunity! What a beautitful story. I am praying for Shige to become grounded in God’s word and anchored by His Grace.


  2. sorry Scotti, sometimes comments get added to the wrong post- and I don’t know how to move them– weird. I just added it here myself. : )
    love, Loretta

  3. Nice. I live in Japan and this site came in on my regular Google alert that scours for Japan and Christian.

    I’d love to hear how and where the discussion went. I have noticed a lot of the academics over here are quite likely to consider Christianity. I go to a church over here in Nagano Central Japan, and a number of Doctors have expressed interest in things. One young Doctor began attending a year or two back and now is baptised and seriously involved with the church driving 70 or more kilometres each time he comes. Another middle aged doctor has been attending and regularly analyses and reviews things. He prays when we do like he means it or is genuinely participating. He was motivated to come to try to understand why another doctor would begin week on week off working and preaching alternately. I think he will commit soon.
    It is interesting as in the Christian century from 1549 to 1650ish when 10% (some argue a lot more and some less) of Japan became Catholic Christians the intellectual side the Truth was Critical to them. Too bad they were not left with the scriptures the sword of truth to keep their faith relatively pure when they began the persecution killing hundreds of thousands of them. The church deliberately withheld translating them lest they follow the “heresy’s” developing in Europe at the time.

    To me Truth is all there is, hand in hand with Love. Note both are definitions of God. Jesus said I am the Truth. And God is love. These things are indispensable to reveal God. To Bad these are so attacked with confusing corruptions of both.
    We need to heavily and seriously defend the Truthful foundations of our Faith. Cause if it aint true…. we are all pathetic fools. But if it is we have nothing better to live and die for.
    We really ought to either be sure of this or if we are sure at least vaguely act like it I reckon.
    The evidence for God abounds in every land I believe and quite often before our very eyes. The amazing linkages in living Japanese history to real Bible History are unignorable. I can’t believe they are not made a fuss of.

    God Bless You All

    Engrish Teacher

  4. Thank you Milton for writing in. I’m so glad you stopped by. Amen to all you said about history, and especially Truth.

    This conversation happened on a plane, on the runway at San Francisco International Airport, and in the air on the way to Tokyo (my friend was on his way to Korea). I’ll send him your email so you two can discuss the topic.

    God bless your work in Japan.
    Love your humor ; )

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