Ron, Sat.

The Lord provided another opportunity to minister to Ron this morning (Saturday). Right now his is living behind a store; that is where he is keeping most of his stuff. We had a nice long chat (in front of the coffee shop), and when I gave him the little ESV New Testament, he said the print was too small for him to read. He needs a paperback bible with larger print he can read. Out of the gospel of John I read aloud to him, half of chapter 3, then I read the first 11 verses of chapter 14 and then chapter 20 verses 24-29, and we talked about it. (We already talked about sin and the law yesterday.)

We talked about how great is the love of God to provide Himself, for our salvation. We also talked about how Jesus not only was God, sinless and the perfect sacrifice for our sins, but that He suffered all the experiences of being human (without sinning), so He understands and cares about our experience. We talked about His sacrifice on the cross. We also talked about how Jesus is like our defense lawyer, defending us before the judge, paying the debt Himself, to the judge, and taking the punishment for our guilt on our behalf, (that we deserve), so we can be free, and receive Christ’s ‘rightness’ as a gift, so we can be right with God. He could really relate to that, having done some time. We ended our conversation again with prayer, which is pretty unusual for me, in witnessing. Tomorrow I’ll share about ‘Jack’.


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