Sowing in Samaria pt.3

There is a lady who works at Sears that I see, since I’m frequently there (it seems) to get clothes for my three growing kids. We have a very chatty, friendly relationship. I think she’s from Sri Lanka. She wears a dark colored sari with head covering. We have had many conversations, several about parts of the gospel. God led me to give her also, a little gospel book and other gospel literature.

A while back, I was driving my kids to school through a neighborhood. For six months I passed a house that had a huge five pointed star in the window. The star was pointed down. This bothered me, because I thought to myself, “well, they either have a Christmas star, upside down that they forgot to take down after the holiday, or they are advertising their satanism to the whole neighborhood.” The problem was, everyday when I passed that house, the Lord was telling me to stop and go share the gospel with the people in that house. You must understand; I have never knocked on a door to share the gospel in America. I’ve done it in Africa and Eastern Europe, but not here! Here in the Bay Area, I mostly do the embedded, indigenous, tentmaking type of outreach. The Lord wanted me to do what? Knock on a door? But that is not what really made me hesitate. That is not what made me feel afraid.

You see, I did not like that star. If the person in the house had a Christmas star, in May, in the window, fine. But if it was a religious symbol, I’d rather not approach them and start a conversation about the Lord. This was my weak flesh that did not want to. You see, I have seen such a star, encircled, about 10 ft. across, inlaid in marble, with the horned god’s head inside, embellished with satanic symbols, “in context”, in a formal place of worship to the enemy of Jesus. You just don’t forget things like that. I really did not want to deal with this house with the star.

But everyday as I passed the Lord was telling my spirit to stop and go to the person in the house. It was really weird. His command to me was very strong. The thing that really frightened me, was that I was repeatedly telling the Lord, “No.” I did not want to, and I was telling him no. That was the scariest thing of all. I’m telling the Lord, ‘No’?? Eventually this scared me (in the proper sense) more than whoever might be in that house. The Lord was telling me to do it, and I had to obey Him. Plus, I knew He did not want me to be afraid, but to trust Him. This was Christian discipleship 101, but when you have to put it into action, that’s when life becomes an adventure.

So one day, after the kids were dropped off, I went to the house (1 block from the school) and parked my car. This was really bizarre. I went to the door and rang the bell. A man answered. This man was originally from India. I apologized for bothering him and told him I just wanted to know what the star in the window meant. He laughed and said that it is a Christmas star, and he had not taken it down yet, half a year later. I laughed and said, “oh, I was just wondering…” with a smile. Then he looked intently at me and asked, “Why were you wondering about the star? What does it mean?”

I was very embarrassed and told him that I understand that symbols have different meanings in different cultures and times in history, and that for a while now, in the West, that symbol, in the point down position, means worship of satan. I told him that I was wondering if it was a Christmas star, or if the star was intended to send another message to the neighbors. The man was very interested in this, and concerned, and said that he did not want to convey a message of satanism with the star, and he ran up the stairs in his house, while I was still standing on the porch, and he took down the star. I apologized again and said I meant no offense I just was just curious about the symbol.

Then he asked me, “Are you a Christian?” I said yes, and he said, “I have been wrestling with this for a long time. Will you please come in and tell me why I should be a Christian?” I knew this was all the Lord. I knew this is why God had me come to this house. I came in, sat on the couch and we had tea. The front door was kept open, and there were at least five workmen going in and out of the living room, remodeling the bath and painting inside. God even provided for my feeling of safety.

We talked for a long time. The man is a highly educated engineer in a Silicon Valley corporation. His wife is a Christian, and he was raised in a Christian home. Later on I found out that his godly elderly Christian mother had been praying for him his whole life. He now had young adult children. Another weird thing was that he had been attending church with his wife, at the same church I was going to at the time. There was even a bible on the couch next to me.

After coming of age, he became an Agnostic-Humanist. He was a skeptic but he was searching for truth, confused by all the many philosophies we have to choose from here in the New Age Bay Area. To make a long story short, the Lord gave me opportunity to tell the entire gospel to him, and to answer some apologetics questions (evidence). He also had some hard theology questions which I was totally inadequate to answer, but I tried my best. For instance, he asked me if God chooses us, or do we choose God? (!!) I told him it looks to me the bible talks about both being true and they work together somehow in a way we may not understand. He was very happy about our conversation. The main thing spoken of in our conversation was the gospel of Jesus Christ.

See, I did not need to be afraid, but just to listen to, trust and obey God, even if I did not know why, even if it seemed scary to me. God even used my ‘satanic worship place’ memory for good in reaching someone with the gospel. Over the next few weeks, I saw this man in church, and he introduced me to his wife. Then, a few months later, they moved to the South Bay. I trust God will make the seeds of the gospel and the Word of God, to grow in the soil of his heart.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight. Pr. 3:5-6.

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