What’s Emerging

Frustrated with the pragmatic, seeker centered, marketing managed, church growth movement, many have left to gather together to find a new way of doing church. A change in the methods has slowly emerged into a change in the message. What is emerging? Wolves in sheeps clothing with a message that denies the faith which was once for all delivered to the saints. This movement is summarized here in this basic overview, and preached on in the sermon below.

Today it is not uncommon to hear leading voices in the emerging church make reckless statements that cast doubt on the absolute divine authority and complete historical reliability of Scripture, downplay the doctrine of personal sin as an offense against a holy God, deny that the substitutionary atonement is central to the gospel, or open the door to salvation through non-Christian religions.

Summary: What’s Emerging in the Church?

Seeker sensitivity and pragmatism in church growth methodology have driven the church into emergent church apostacy. Our irresponsible infatuation with methodology has led to a frontal assault on theology. In reality the emergent church is anti-Church and anti-Christ.

Sermon: Emergent Church: Wolves in Our Midst

2 thoughts on “What’s Emerging

  1. Loretta,

    Thank you for lead to excellent commentary “What’s Emerging in the Church,” by D. Phillip Ryken. Very fine presentation, and now I am off to his message “Global Warming,” a sort of hobby of mine.

    Thanks again,


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