In my last post I mentioned that the developing global ‘spirituality’ of Human Oneness includes, “imagine there’s no heaven, it’s easy if you try; no hell below us, above us only sky”. This global oneness ‘religion’ includes no God, no heaven, and no hell, only Earth, as if it too, along with Humanity, should be worshipped.

Our Lord does not immediately bring us to heaven when we are redeemed by Him; He leaves us here for a while to be witnesses to the world, of the gospel of God’s gracious salvation in Jesus Christ. But we know that while we worship and serve Him, and work and suffer for Him down here for a little while, heaven is our true home, and everything precious to the child of God is not on earth, but in heaven.

One Saturday a sister in Christ suddenly went home to be with the Lord. The next day our pastor preached a message on Heaven. I think it was the first sermon I’ve ever heard on heaven. Elsewhere in the past, I mostly just heard that old joy-dampening ditty: “They’re so heavenly minded, they’re no earthly good!” It is not only ok for a Christian to long for heaven, it is a normal part of the Christian life. Everything precious to us is there! Heaven is our home. Here are the notes for those of you who fellowship somewhere else.

    There are three “kinds” of heaven-1Cor.12:1-2.
    -the atmosphere/air/environment.
    -space: planets, stars, galaxies.
    -where God dwells/His dwelling place.

    Everything precious to the Christian is in Heaven:
    • Our Father- Matt 6:9.
    • Our Savior Jesus- Hebrews 9:24.
    • Our brothers and sisters in Christ- Hebrews 12:23.
    • Our names-Luke 10:20. They’re recorded.
    • Our inheritance -1Peter 1:3-4. Reserved in heaven.
    • Our citizenship-Philippians 3:20
    • Our eternal reward- Matthew 5:12. reward for service, persecution, obedience
    • Our Master-Ephesians 6:9. The Lord.
    • Our treasure-Matthew 6:19-21. Treasures in heaven. Jesus is our treasure
    This world is not our home. This world is temporary. Heaven is our home and Christians are strangers, pilgrims, and aliens in this world.

This message was preached at my church, Grace Bible Church.

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