Time is Short

There is more than one way that time is short.

The time is short before the Lord Jesus comes back for us like He promised, and resurrects the saints who have gone on before us, and changes us who are still here, and gathers us all in the air, to be with Him in the resurrection on the last day.

Time is short for the people who are alive on planet earth: there is only so much time each person has to live, before the Lord requires thier soul, and they must stand before Him in judgment.

Time is short for us who serve our beloved Lord and Savior here in the flesh before we die, working in the harvest field while it is still day; for night is coming when no man can work. We only have so long to be workers for Him here, compassionately bringing the gospel to the lost, before our work on earth is done, and our short lives end, and He calls us home to be with Him for eternity.

Jesus is coming back. The people we see around us only have so much time and then it’s over–they are gone. The Lord has given us only so much time to live and serve Him here in our flesh. Time is short. Let us realize this and make wise use of our time, as time is a gift He has given us to use to serve Him, for His glory.

Here is an interesting and thought provoking music video (let it load first, put on your earphones and turn it up!)that makes you think about the brevity of life, the shortness of time, compassion for the lost, caring about people, knowing you carry the words of life(the gospel), and the fact that there is only so much time, before a life ends, and then, judgment and eternity.
Do we ‘see’ how short the time is?

Remember how short my time is…Ps.89:47.


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