His Plan by His Power

Christian leaders be encouraged.
Pastors, elders, teachers, evangelists, laborers in the harvest; take heart! A very encouraging sermon, just for you.

From the web page:

    In this the last in the series of sermons on Haggai Rev Quigley spells out why; ministers, elders and members can give themselves wholeheartidly to the task of Kingdom building in the face of life’s daily disappointments:

    – God has a plan for His Kingdom
    – God has the power to accomplish His Kingdom
    – God has chosen us, to work with Him, to see His plan accomplished, in His time, for His glory.

God has a plan to establish and build His Kingdom, He will acheive that plan, and He has the power to achieve that plan, for His glory. And, he has chosen you, as an instrument in executing that plan.
Christian (especially Ministers) be Encouraged –
it’s God’s plan, power, and choosing that will see it done!

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