The Power of Jesus to Save and Heal

Yesterday I was listening to a Christian radio program in my car. The host was talking about reaching out with the gospel to hurting people, who are in so much pain, that they might be the type to commit mass killing. He asked if anyone in the audience ever was so distraught that they were thinking of committing murder. A man called and said that in the 70’s when he was a 14 year old boy, he was planning a school shooting mass murder, but God stopped him. He told his testimony; that from his early adolescent years, until 14 years old, he was repeatedly attacked forcibly in the worst possible way, by gangs of boys bigger than he was. This was against his will, and he said the result was indescribable shame, anger, pain, sorrow, hurt, disgrace, powerlessness (not being able to fight them off), inability to stop it etc. I think I heard him say that he began hurting others in the same way.

The anger, rage, and shame this young boy experienced grew so much that he actually was planning to go on a rampage, killing as many as he could at his school. He had it all planned out, and everything ready to go. This was the late 70’s!

He then told how he was walking on the street downtown one day. There was a man on the corner, street preaching. The man was holding his bible, and raising his voice so people could hear him. He was preaching in a loving and bold manner, on the saving and healing power of Jesus Christ to forgive sins, to save and heal. The boy went over to the man and listened as he was preaching.

The boy went right up close to the man asked the man, “Can He forgive me if this has been done to me? Even this?” (he described the assault against him). The man looked at him lovingly and replied, “Even if.” The boy said, “Can He forgive me even if this was done to me over and over for years?” The man looked at him right in the eyes and said, “Even if.” The boy said, “Can He forgive me even if I have also started doing this to others?”
The man said, “Even if.”

Then the man said that at that moment, as a 14 year old boy, he got saved. He repented, he believed, he placed his trust and faith in Jesus Christ. He said that immediately, the shame, the anger, the rage, the murder in his heart, was gone!! Jesus Christ had saved AND healed him! A school shooting was averted. God saved and healed this boy through the power of Jesus Christ, through the bold, loving preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

He went home, and abandoned his plans to commit mass killing, was healed in his mind, heart and emotions, and stopped abusing other boys. He began to praise God and grow in his faith in Christ. He has been walking with the Lord Jesus ever since.

You see, friends in Christ, it is JESUS CHRIST who saves and heals! Not Psychology! Not Sociology or Anthropology! Not therapy! Not Pharmakeia! Jesus Christ saves and heals.
Amen. Praise God.


One thought on “The Power of Jesus to Save and Heal

  1. Just want to say, that I will be addressing the topic of street preaching at some future point on this blog; stay tuned! We will also begin getting into more witnessing stories for our mutual edification.

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