Tomorrow is not Guaranteed

Personally, I do not think we must choose between being ‘confrontational’ and ‘relational’ in evangelism. Looks to me like Jesus was both. Regarding one on one witnessing, confrontation only, without relationship is uncaring. But being relational without ever getting around to sharing the gospel, is not evangelism. I prefer terms like, ‘direct’ and ‘clear’ to ‘confrontational’. So, I try to be both relational and clear in communicating the gospel (or parts of the gospel as time allows). Of course, everything must be done in love.

The author of this article says the reason we must be direct, and get around to sharing the gospel, is because tomorrow is not guaranteed. In light of the mass murder at Virginia Tech, it is good to remember this fact.

Here are some quotes that I really like:

    “my approach to sharing my faith was very non-confrontational; it was a relational approach. Getting to know as many people as possible and building relationships without verbally sharing the good news because they would see it in my life and how I treated them and others…My approach of building relationships as a form of evangelism was resting on the fact that tomorrow is guaranteed.”

    “Tomorrow could be the end of my life, their life, or the world. Only God knows what tomorrow holds.”

    “Church goers have been convinced that evangelism means inviting people to church. I would say quit inviting people to church and share the good news with passion, one on one.”

    “Evangelism does not fit into your schedule and opportunities can come at any time.”

    “Evangelism is a dirty job; it takes you out of your comfort zone and exposes your belief that Jesus is the only way.”

    “To love someone is to tell them the truth”

    “Jesus is not a life enhancement, He is life saving.”

    “Evangelism is a believer’s zeal for the lost, causing one to focus on the most important issue in life – repentance – more than anything else, not caring about the reaction or consequences of the truth being told.”(He does not mean not caring about the person, he means, not becoming discouraged if the response is rejection, or any other negative consequence.)

    “My job is to preach the gospel and the Holy Spirit does the rest.”

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