O Lord Most Holy

“Panis Angelicus”
(Latin for “O Lord Most Holy”)

By: Cesar Franck

O Lord most holy, O Lord most holy,
O loving Father, Thee would we be praising always.
Help us to know Thee;
Father, Father, grant us Thy truth and grace;
Father, Father, guide and defend us.
Rule Thou our willful hearts,
keep Thee our wand’ring thoughts;
In all our sorrows
let us find our rest in Thee;
and in temptations’s hour,
save through Thy mighty pow’r
Thine aid O send us; hear us in mercy.
Show us Thy favor, so shall we live,
and sing praise to Thee.


3 thoughts on “O Lord Most Holy

  1. I really appreciate the words to this hymn. I sang it as a youth and wondered if I was still remembering the words correctly. They are as you have given them with one exception. The last part of the third line is missing in your version. (According to my memory that is.)

    I believe that the third line should read thus, “Help us to know Thee, know Thee and love Thee;”. The punctuation may vary but the words I am pretty certain of.

    Thank you for your ministry and God bless.


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